What’s wrong with the lighting?

So, there’s something wrong with the lighting from 9am to 3pm, the graphics look awful in the ground, all reflections disappear.
Over 7000 ft all reflections appear, as the sky starts being projected into the plane, which looks extremely nice. But on the ground, there are no reflections.
Would there be any way of fixing this? Thanks!
Thought this was a bug, thanks for telling me!

The sky when cruising at that time looks like space If you have clouds, which is weird.

Other times: (sky)

Space, I think so,

(The sky is way too saturated and the clouds are glowing)

Looks normal to me. This is typically what happens when the sun moves through the sky…

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Instead of spamming your own topic, post all of this in the main body next time. Thanks.


Devs are aware of lighting issues and have been long working on some fixes for this. Nothing really you can do in the mean time except continue to wait until they announce and push those changes.