What’s wrong with my account?

Why am I getting notifications from other peoples posts? Is someone were to comment on their post, it would say on my notifications. What can be the cause of this? I didn’t comment or anything on these topics so I don’t know how this can happen.


This depends on how your notification settings are configured.
You can change and view these by tapping your profile picture in the top right corner, then click the wheel and then you’ll see “Notifications” on the left side.


I actually got a notfication about this one. Quite ironic…


It says it’s in the “Meta” category so that could have something to do with it🤷‍♂️
Btw Hi Swiss😄

Did you figure out the cause of this? Did you check your notification settings in your profile?


Recognize this? It’s at the bottom of all topics.

Did you set certain topics to “Watching”? You get notifications for all posts in that topic.

No it’s set to normal

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What about “Live Notifications” in Preferences? Is it disabled?

Should this be in the support section?

No, because it’s regarding preferences in IFC, not with the app itself.


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I got an email too 😂.

That’s because #meta and #announcements are default set to “Watching”. Or well, it used to be. I removed #meta from defaulting about 1 year ago. So if your user was created before that and you haven’t changed, you will receive notifications for all topics created in #meta and #announcements by default.


Why was meta even set as a default in the first place? 🤔

I believe it’s a default Discourse thing. Simple as that :)

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