What’s wrong this week

I have had nothing but bad luck with this game all week it kept kicking me off I had to delete the game three times and re-download it and just today I was doing a Paris to Orlando flight with the 777 and my screen said crashed but I was at 30,000 feet this is the best flight sim I’ve ever played now it’s just getting worse I’m scared for the next update lol

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Do not worry. In the next updates these problems will be solved. I’m also having a crash problem, but this is already known. Just wait for Better days will come.
You are not alone 😉👍
Take care 😉😷

Hey, it would be more convenient if you gave more technical details, this way we can work out a solution

Hi @fun_kid_plays , sorry you are having an issue with the app, could you try and describe a little more?

Are you having random crashes during a flight?

Are you experiencing lag?

Could you clarify what app version you have, what device and operating system?

Where did you install Infinite Flight?

How much storage is available on your device?

In the meantime, please check out the support FAQ below, there may be a solution for you here.


It’s got to be something with all the lag people having

It’s probably because it was doing no good in helping solve the problem.

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Please only comment under a topic in #support if you’re actually able to help the user asking for support. This category isn’t the place to chat, make off-topic comments, …

Thank you.


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