What’s with the Removals and Replacements?

As Infinite Flight moves forward, they are prepared to remove aircraft. Some of these are understandable, such as the Space Shuttle, but others are questionable.

For context:

Citation and 717


Boeing 747’s

First the Decathlon, now the Citation, more than likely the 717, no E170 or E195, the A340-600 slated for replacement, and variants other than the 747-400 in question…Why?

I understand removing old models to go forward, but these aircraft can certainly be reworked too.

Is there a limit to the number of Aircraft in-app? Are resources unwilling to be dedicated to greater aircraft families?

Is that why less popular planes are getting nixed?

What happened to growing the Infinite Flight fleet and adding on to the existing aircraft in the simulator? It seems we’re just trading old models for new ones.

Thanks for your consideration and time! I’m grateful for Infinite Flight, but question this new development.


Even am with @George1 in this the more you reduce the models more less planes we get to fly and peeps will tire out at some point u are removing Cessna citation agreed but why B717 it has got many operations done previously and some airlines are still using and 340-600 they are like giants i love to see and fly them in IF come on @infiniteflight don’t just chuck out randomly we got some fav aircraft.its just that they are not reworked but once done they will be flown more frequently like other jets.pls take in some consideration.


If they reduce models, sure, but if they replace them, that’s not true. There wouldn’t have less planes to fly if the A340-600 got replaced with the -300, for example (and in that instance, more variety would be available). Sure, removing the E170 and E195 reduces the number of planes overall, but with the E175 and E190 reworks, more livery variety opens up which expands the offering.


Not necessarily. There are airlines that fly only the 170 and 195, for example Austrian that operates the 195 and People’s (Viennaline) which only flies the 170. Azul used to have 22 190s but they have been retired since then.

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Thanks for you question! There are a few factors at play here.


We announced a development roadmap for 2021/22 which indicated that we would focus on reworks for the time being. Since our fleet is fairly big for Infinite Flight Pro subscribers, we have to at some point go through and update the aircraft to modern standards. This is a time-consuming task, given that we create and rework all aircraft in-house. In some cases, we’ve chosen to substitute aircraft due to some being underused, or because we have amazing data for one over another.


Due to usage in the real world and in the sim, some models don’t make sense to keep up to standards. We have to weigh these factors when we look at not only having a diverse fleet but also one we can make sure is always a great fleet.

Bang for the buck

Infinite Flight Pro subscribers enjoy the diversity of many different types of aircraft. The reality is that providing every 747 variant (for example) would take an extraordinary amount of time to complete (lots of independent models). The bang for the buck for us and the end user would be minimal in this case. Wait fatigue would be high, and everyone that isn’t interested in flying the 747 would be frustrated. As a result, we have to make concessions and compromises.

At the end of the day, sometimes decisions made 7-10 years ago aren’t the right decision today. As the aviation industry changes and some aircraft are phased out of service, they become more difficult for us to add or rework, and less interesting for people to fly in the sim. Folks love to fly their favorite aircraft or recreate their favorite routes and we understand they want their exact aircraft or variant to do this. While we’re not in the business of recreating every aircraft or variant in existence, we do hope that users can still find a lot of enjoyment in what we do offer!


Well thanks that explains the fact

So some of the Boeing 747 variants will be removed? If so which one. Boeing 747-400, Boeing 747-8 and Air Force 1 should be kept

They will not redo the Shuttle Carrier and SOFIA, so enjoy them if you can. It’s pretty difficult to enjoy aircraft with crappy models.

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