What’s with Emirates A380?

Hey guys! My friends in Dubai are moving before before 2021 comes around, and i’ve got a problem. You see, I’ve never been on an Emirates A380 before, let alone an A380 in general, and i’d love to experience it. But when I check FR24, it’s only used for Toronto, London, Paris, and Port Louis right now. My question is, why is this? Going up to toronto to fly on the 380 wouldn’t be a hassle, but it brings be a bit of confusion.


Hi there! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Emirates airlines has been forced to operate fewer A380 routes. But once the demand picks up once again, you could expect their A380 to fly to over 40 destinations including destinations in the Middle East if you don’t want a long flight.


Probably due to reduced demand right now. Emirates has been scaling up operations again recently, though. Toronto received the A380 for the first time in a while just last week, and I expect that as people start to fly more, the A380 will be re-introduced to routes such as JFK and LAX.


@LongHaulGuy Due to COVID-19 it Emirates as well as pretty much every A380 operator has grounded the aircraft. This is because COVID-19 brings about reduced demand, and with the A380 you have to fill it up above an 80% load factor to turn a profit, which is not possible during COVID-19. As the industry rebounds more A380’s will return to service!

If you want to see how many A380’s are flying you can go on Flightradar24 and filter for them as you did by typing “A388” into the filter. Feel free to PM me if you have additional questions!

-Justin Duval


Thank you everyone for your responses! It now makes more sense. Also, does Toronto have a lounge that an emirates passenger could use? As of now i’d have a 6 hour layover.

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Plaza Premium in T1 but you have to be biz or first.

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Yea i’m going to fly biz, so thanks!


Also, what route or callsign will you be on going as certain routes or callsigns wont have the A380 on even when the virus is gone

YYZ is EK241/242

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I’m surprised A380 flights to Port Louis have started.

Looks like Port Louis today was a one-off repatriation flight.

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For the date i would be traveling emirates on their website stated they will be using the A380 on the YYZ - DXB route.

They say A380 and show a picture of a
B O E I N G 7 7 7 - 3 0 0 E R

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I honestly don’t think America will see A380s soon again due to their Corona numbers as well as their extensive border restrictions

Emirates uses their A380s on London and Cairo routes now also.

because Canada is cooler than everywhere else (jk)

its most likely to be higher demand.

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Certainly possible, it’ll happen sometime though even if it isn’t soon.

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