What’s up with all the new 3d airport sneak peaks

what’s up with unusual amount of 3d airport sneak peaks???


Yeah lol….

Yhhh I was surprised myself

We gave the mods and admin team some nyquil so they’re all sleeping right now while we leak

Real answer: editors are now allowed to share WIP screenshots of airports they’re working on


We finally have permission to start showing the community our in progress airports. You can thank Deercrusher for that 🙂.


Loving it tho

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Editors are now allowed to freely share, stream show or however they wish to display their 3D works. :)

Enjoy the passion of our team!


We’re all just done with editing and want to leave the team with a bang by leaking one last time.


Valid answer

Now that WIP’s can be shared, could we see more information about the editor?

And DeerCrusher can thank the IF team for saying yes ;)

We’re at a point where we can start sharing more about our editor and this is a nice way for people to share all the great work they’re building. More info is here in case anybody missed it on how to contrbute:


What information?

Well, then run bacause Cam is back. 😂

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This remains at the discretion of the editor. Some may choose not to post anything at all, so please respect their decision.

Ohhhh, I was thinking it could have something to do with the first group of IFAET applicants

You still want SBSP?

Did he hold you at gunpoint? 🤨

IDK but mabye the new update is coming soon .

If you’d like to see how you use the editor, @Thunderbolt is streaming right now:


I meant like a guide or a video tutorial showing how to use the editor and the tools available. It’d also help applicants have a bit of a head start when being invited.