What’s Traffic Advisories? [Answered]

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I’ve been on Inactive Airspace’s a lot! I just had a Question about what exactly is Requesting Traffic advisories or Send Traffic Advisories? I just never really payed attention to that and I have yet to find out what the means. Also after you request Traffic advisories how do you or someone else respond back? It’s a bit confusing and I just wanted this to get figured out as soon as possible, Thank you!

@Captain_Ian ;)

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Hi Ian! Traffic advisories basically asks other aircraft in the airspace with direction of the traffic pattern they are using. Like left traffic or right traffic.

Left traffic = left of the airport
Right traffic = right of the airport


Thank you for the response! What does it mean to SEND traffic Advisories this time? :))

If you were to send traffic advisories, you would be an aircraft in the pattern at the airport and advise inbound aircraft of the traffic direction for a specific runway.

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Sending traffic advisories tells other aircraft which traffic pattern direction is being used. So Santa Monica traffic is using runway 21, left traffic. This means aircraft in the airspace are using the left traffic pattern for that runway and are letting others know of it.

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So basically

Plane go say

They say right or left

Me land

The other land?

Thank you both for giving me a detailed response! It’s always great for a Simulator to have a community so we can help other growing pilots in Questions they need. We can all educate each other ! :) Thank you for your time!

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No problem at all! My pm inbox is always open for questions or to chat! Glad I can help. :)

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A third option - straight in - is missing.

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