What’s this about?

It can’t be the TBM as that shows up on LiveFlight now!

I think that he is testing the new B737 or reworked A-10


That aircraft shows up when a livery or aircraft is unknown to LiveFlight. As Mika pointed out, he’s probably flying a new aircraft :)


Probably! But is there anything else it could be!

Hmm, strange. I was controlling ESSA when Tyler took off and it showed his aircraft, at least I thought it did.

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I don’t think so, but what could it be do you think?

Can you remember what it showed?

I was thinking of the 737 as well!

I thought it was like an E190 or something. I’m honestly not too sure.

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Could be a Comac C919 :)

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No it won’t likely be a brand new aircraft since weve just had the TBM. Probably a aircraft that is being reworked (ie the 737/A-10)

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