What’s the worst weather you have flown in?

Here is the view I had a couple days back, 2500m and BKN004:

You can just about see the Approach Path Lighting if you look hard enough!

What’s the worst weather you have flown in before? Whether you where up front or sat in the back.




Wow great photos! I’ve never flown in bad weather. Whats the cirrus like to fly? It’s one of my favourite GA aircraft.

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The Cirrus is easy peasy to fly once you get used to it, it’s a bit of a step up from most SEP aircraft, need to put a little bit of work in for the transition but that’s it really :)

SCT009 and 1m vis

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Hmm…probably when I was on a flight on approach to Heathrow. Zero visibility plus powerful gusting crosswinds.

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My flight school does not allow me to fly with any type of rainy weather at the moment.

But as a passenger, I flew through a Typhoon on T/O. Heres the video i took

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My worst was back in the early 2000’s, an American Eagle ATR-72 through the edge of a thunderstorm.

More recently I landed in Denver with a RVR of 2000 and lots of snow/Ice.


worse weather was my landing in PDX. As everyone knows it rains a lot in the Pacific North West so of Course fog can happen in an instant. Sitting in a Dash8 Q400 Alaska Airlines it’s a turbulent approach but you can see on down wind as we approach the runway fog from the river had rolled over the runways nd the turbulence on the way down was something else a hard landing and last second gust of wind after we started thrust reversing and that is an experience I won’t forget. I know everything was fine but that’s the worst it’s been. I don’t typically fly in the winter months or fly enough to deal with storms.


flew in orograghic convective clouds near KSLC over the mountains. the F/A went in the air and hit her head on the overhead bin.

Another time I was in a C182 and we dropped 160ft.

Thats summer flying for ya.

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Not a bad weather moment, but one time I was in a Lufthansa A340-300, which landed in SJC so hard the EXIT sign fell off the ceiling of the aircraft.


surprised you didn’t bounce

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@DeerCrusher Can you tell us? Oh wait your CRJ can’t fly into CAT3 🤚the bullying continues

I don’t even see it as bullying. lol. I see it as a tryhard trying to gain attention. 🙃Which is kinda working but not really…


Tbh I just wanna make a lad have a laugh

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Nothing personal just for the jokes in reality the CRJ fills a huge regional market somthing Embraer can not do

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