What’s the world Record in infinite flight for the smoothest landing?

Dear Infinite flight,

Unfortunately I completely forgot about the fact that I got a -16 fpm landing in a 757 months ago. I never really thought about asking what was the world record for the top infinite flight landing. I know that maybe some might think I’m lying about this landing but I can provide Plenty of Proof. Unfortunately the photo has been deleted since this was months ago and the replay because I had too much space on my phone because if IF. Although I do have a TikTok which luckily shows proof that in fact that was my landing. I just wanted to mention this because I didn’t want to be working on topics or just in the community communicating holding a possible world record in my hands not knowing that in fact my landing might’ve been the smoothest landing in infinite flight history. Can someone get a moderator or someone that can possibly confirm that this was a world record or not? Thank you for your time!

![image|277x600](upload://75QdygYitfMWQKxiRPESsOGq9VM. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMexdAcBP/

So in the first Picture I show proof that it’s actually my account.

In the second link it should be a link to the video on my account. (At the last part of the video is my Landing rate, it was on accident. Basically I didn’t mean to put it in that video. It still works as proof :))

And I’m the last video it should show my landing at that airport where I got 16fpm.

I know what I am and I’m certainly not a liar. I just didn’t think about it because I thought that maybe I wasn’t holding a record and that others would think I’m lying :(.

Please try to See if In fact this is a record or not ;)

Thank you for your time! 🙂


Sorry for the edits everyone! I had to fix spelling malfunctions because of auto correction 😀

Oh hello, as far as I know, the record is 0fpm from what info I got from a landing competition which was conducted earlier, b u t t e r landing though.

You can check this topic:

Smoothest Landings - Ranking

Thank you so much!! 🥺


Wait but I’m still in the -50 club


The topic is not updated in a while and your landing is not enough to take the top places.

Further discussion continue in the existing topic, thanks!

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Yeah but I’m still in the -50 club 🙂

I’m just so Excited I want to scream 😭

You can request your place in the existing topic

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Check this out, the rules say you need to upload proof of it using IF-Operations

I seriously didn’t realize that I was just chatting around and didn’t take my place all this time 😭

I don’t have my photo but how do I send a link to my topic?

I could show them from my TikTok like I did with you all.

You could link the tiktok into the topic

Thank you!! 🥺🥺😁😁

I’m going to copy this Topic and paste it into my comment 😁

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