What’s the v1 for the Airbus A380 in Infinite Flight?

Even though I would guess 148-153 kts, it’d be nice to know what the take off speed for the A380 is, since it’s a big plane and I really love it;)

That depends if the migratory Airbus in question is European or African. But seriously, as stated previously, the typical take-off speed is between 150-170 knots, or just under 200 mph.


It largely Depending on your weight, I usually rotate at 150 knots with flaps at 1+F and 50% positive trim.

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Completely depends on weight, especially since the A380 has very different possible weights. fpltoif.com will calculate v speeds for you based on weight.

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Gotcha. That’s pretty sweet. :)

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There’s a neat app of v1 speeds if your on IOS? And android

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