What’s the update for?

I got the Infinite Flight Update and didn’t notice anything.Anyone have a clue what it is? (Maybe I haven’t been flying that much so I haven’t noticed it), Thanks like always! 😀 By the way Happy Christmas ( Only 23 Days!)

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Which update did you get?

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23.3.2 It says (I updated the app)

23.3.3 build 6281 is the latest build.

I don’t have a clue in the updates to be honest 😂

Which update did you have before? Were you on 23.3.1?

Think so….

I’m on build 6109

Updating again!

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The last big update was 23.3. This update added a lot of new 3D airports, new liveries and a few more features. Since then, all the extra .1 or .2 are small updates to fix bugs and other problems. Basically, nothing has changed game-wise, but you might notice less bugs and app crashes.

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Thanks so much Alboma!

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Always happy to help!

Happy flying!

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