What’s the type of airport you go to most frequently?

  • The most largest,most crowded airport there is.
  • A middle sized airport with not bad traffic.
  • A quiet airport with few arrivals or departures.

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I’m always at KBWI. I’m either flying or being ATC. On expert I’m flying. I always try to avoid LAX and EGLL because to ATC is sometimes really bad or people troll on TS.

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Sorry could you revote? I made a mistake while making the poll.

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I really go to my fav airports which are the ones with great scenery and are airports I visit irl frequently
The poll doesn’t really apply to me

I’ve always liked middle size airports, because you have a bit of traffic but still with ATC, crowded airports like KLAX and EGLL have always been a pain for me

Depends what server I am using, if its the training server I usually go with a quite airport. If it’s the expert server then the most populated.

Side note: I constantly find my self flying to TJSJ or VHXX (Kai Tak)

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If there’s anything I love to see on my vjrtual camera, it’s a crowded airport.

I mostly fly to/from my home airport KJFK to EGLL,DNMM,KLAX,KMIA,KORDAnd other airports

I fly from my home town airport which is kbhm to and from other airport

I really like to see big airports that aren’t popular in IF getting good traffic. For example, EWR, MSP, DTW, CLE

However, I also like to fly into quiet airports that have short runways and beautiful scenery. Flying is always more fun when you have amazing views to look at. It’s also really fun to land aircraft on short runways (6000ft-)

You can always find me at MIA, one of the busiest airports on this planet.

I generally do regional flights along the eastern coast of the US so I don’t see that much traffic.

John F. Kennedy Intl Airport (New York City)
My Hometown airport

I haven’t been by New York Mainly because I’ve been doing long hauls across the world,As I type this I’m currently doing a Flight between Los Angeles and London in a American 773.

A lot of my flights originate in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, as it is my home airspace

It depends. Sometimes I do flights at busy airports, and sometimes I go to uncontrolled unicom airports and do patterns in my Cessna 208

Usually I fly around North Carolina since it’s my home state. I normally fly out of and into KCLT, KGSO and KRDU for most of my routes. I also do a lot of pattern work at KJQF. I mostly fly here when I dont feel like flying in a certain region covered by ATC.

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