What’s the thing you’ve done that you regretted most while on a plane/at an airport?

Well…I was about to head to my hometown on a Malaysian Airlines B737-800. That same day, (at around the same time) MH’s first ever A350 touched down and had its first welcome and water salute at the airport, just a couple gates away from where I was. What did I do during that? I went to buy some drinks and hang around on the OTHER SIDE of the terminal.

Hurts my heart till this day.
EDIT: This was at KLIA, Kuala Lumpur


I was at KSAN, waiting for my SWA flight to start boarding, I went to go buy a snack or two. There’s a little bridge you have to go through to get to the main area. When I got my snacks back, I started walking back. I, however, walked through a jetway which looked just like that bridge. Pretty awkward when a gate agent came behind me. He gave me a stern talking to and sent me off. Still gives me chills.


Traveling on red-eye flights. Your extremely sleepy and tired yet you want to stay awake.


“KLIA”… Kuala Lumpur, Iowa? Can’t belive Malaysian would fly a 738 to the US. Especially a town I don’t think anyone has heard of 😂 I know Kuala Lumpur is in Malaysia lol


Lol it’s an abbreviation of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, like HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport)


Playing Counter Strike on my PC while waiting to board. Headphones unplug as the game decides to loudly announce “bomb has been planted”

JK but has this actually happened to anyone?


I regret that when I left from my flight, MH726. I immediately proceed to the immigration instead waiting for a couple of hours to see the new A350 take off for Penang. Had I was staying at KLIA for awhile, I may be able to see the new A350 takes off. It was happening 2 weeks ago, for exact on 9 December

P.S : We arrived at the same day at KLIA haha


Ooh damn that’s cool man, maybe we even saw each other haha


It would be fun to meet another community member on the airport lol, it was my first time going to Malaysia haha. Anyway, I arrived abit early on the airport though, at 7:30am MYT


I wasn’t in a plane or the airport, but my regret was not being at the airport when the Breitling DC-3 came to Macau on its world tour.


KLAS…but as the old saying goes…what happened there, is going to stay there.


One thing that I regret is choosing an earlier flight to FL. (I booked the flights in early May)

Basically, for May 27th, there were 3 ISP-FLL flights on Southwest. One left around 6:40 AM, next around 9:35 AM (the one I took) and then another at 11:15 AM.
A few days before the flight, I go to Flightradar24 and look at the plane I would be taking. I got a 737-700 with split scimitars (N556WN), I love them! Out of curiosity, I check the other flights. I was SO MAD when I see that the 11:15 flight that I was about to book, but decided on the 9:35 at the last second, was operated by Tennessee One, my favorite Southwest special livery!
I regret not trusting my gut when it was telling me I should’ve booked the 11:15 flight. But I had the usual great WN experience on my flight with N556WN!


Lul counter strike is a good game! Thats why you always play csgo with headphones especially in pubic places.;)


I was flying from KDAL to KMCI, in the winter. With it being like 75°F in Texas, I decided to wear shorts, well I definitely felt the effect when we landed in Kansas City. Blizzard like conditions and anout oh, 0°F outside. (Actually got a little frostbite, but luckily I made it out)


Oh no…almost wore sandals to Russia during the winter too, luckily we didn’t have a blizzard like you did lol


Definitely wasnt a pleasant feeling walking to our vehicle.


After my flight from Shanghai Pudong ZSPD to Seattle KSEA, I had a layover in Seattle for 20hrs. The next morning when I had to catch my flight to Denver KDEN, I had purchased a Cocacola at a Hudson News store. I left the coke at the counter and I left for my gate. The flight started boarding when I realized I had left my coke there (I was first in line too). I had to get out ot line and run back to the Hudson news store and get my coke. Complete waste of energy and time lol


being nervous even though i know it is completely safe lol


How can you be an avgeek and be afraid of planes??


not that scared just takeoff really

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