What’s the slowest plane in IF?

Such confusion until now.

probally the cessna

Xcub I think


piper xcub

Cessna 208

oops nvm
forgot about the cub

I wonder how long it would take XCub to go from Australia to America via Europe.

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Not really the point but nvm

About 4 days.

I have done a route from New York teterboro making my way up Canada slowly until Iqualuit crossing into Greenland to Iceland Faroe Islands and then down England

A couple hours if you know the right tricks.


When no light aircraft is on ATIS, this means that SR22, Xcub and C172 aircraft are not permitted at that airport. (I’m not sure if that was your question)

The slowest you can get a plane to in IF is the Xcub, with full glass I’ve gotten down to 45kts.

The SR22 is in fact a light aircraft, but once you get off the ground you really get going. FL800 at M1.4

Xcub. Can become a VTOL aircraft in medium wind

XCub goes about 90-110knts. I don’t have experience too much with this aircraft

The 172 goes 110knts

The 208 is even faster

You can fly the cub backwards if the winds are strong enough. Would highly recommend on casual server or solo. Great craic

For me if F22 RAPTOR

Fly a Xcub at heading stronger than your Air speed. You will fly slowest flight ever

You can reach negative speeds in the 172, so long that you go on solo and make winds of over 60 kts. Other wise, without winds, the XCub is probably the slowest,

Probably around 1 hour, 20 minutes

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I very much Agree!!