What’s the shortest runway in IF

Hi everyone, I was wondering what the shortest runway in IF. The shortest runway I know is 948ft gravel runway at Tooradin airport (YTDN). Do you know any shorter runways?

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I think FE7 is the smallest


Wow only 148ft, thanks

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If you can land it, I’ll be amazed. I just landed for the first time at that airport and it takes some true technique.

Yea, me and @Butter_Boi had a FE7 flying a few weeks ago!

Another one is UT90 south of SLC

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Haha, I remember that.

Pretty sure FE7 is the smallest.


Nah, i found one that was gliched
3 ft long
I forgot the name of it tho

Saba Airport. Just look up world’s shortest runway.

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