What’s the purpose of ATC calls on Grade 1 servers?

So earlier I had a A321 Delta flight from RDU to JFK and before final descent I let JFK outbound aircraft know I’m descending, twice. There was an inbound Cessna Citation X, right behind me. (10 miles away) I was slowing down, getting my flaps set, while he started increasing so speed on purpose, he got incredibly close to me. I mean come on you have to be smarter than that. Luckily, my landing didn’t suck, but he still managed to collide with me on the taxiway, which really made me furious.

Sure I completely understand it’s a elementary server, but does that mean that no one in that sever should look at what other aircraft are doing around them? I just can’t wait to get to grade 2 😂

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Welcome to the world of online flying ;) it still happens on the expert server… Just less often.


I know. But seriously, if people wanna treat IF as just a ‘game’ and not more, they got no reason to even have it.

That’s just my opinion.

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There are very few people who take the casual server seriously. The people who do only do so in order to get to grade 2.


Yeah, yeah:) but then again, barely anyone uses ATC calls on grade 1. It’s a waste of space. But at the same time, I can’t ruin my day just because some random aircraft tries to ram me while I’m trying to have a decent flight. It’s unacceptable.


I never considered IF as a game. Probably never will. Real life wind changes, realistic aircraft physics…

I’m not here to play, I’m here to fly. Whether I’m on Grade 1 or 3. If players have an intention to hit another aircraft while that aircraft has no bad intention, they have no excuse to be like: ‘it’s just a game, it’s only grade 1’

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Still, some people may consider it a game even if we don’t.

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Welp, it shouldn’t be. This isn’t Forza🤔😏


In my opinion, it is both a game and a realistic sim and i treat it as such. I fly professionally on Expert and Training. But if I (or a group im flying with) want to have fun, we go into casual and just fly around.

Casual is what it is, it isn’t necessarily just a G1 server, it is a server without the basic rules.

Training is what it is too, a training server with rules and guidelines. People don’t always use it to train, and that is frustrating - but you have to treat your flight professionally and hope others around you do too.

Edit: unfortunately you are going to find the actions you saw today on the Expert server sometimes too.


The frustration is understandable. However, everyone can use the casual server as they wish as that is the server with the most freedom. So the expectations for that server shouldn’t be too high.

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Like I said, I understand. But it happens to me more often. You know? I get shocked at that. There needs to be a feature that lets you know if there’s an aircraft coming really close to you while you’re at the same height. I mean it does exist in real-life.

I mean, seriously, Grade 1 wasn’t a good experience. For me. It wasn’t always fun and engaging, which makes me pretty sad.

If you get Grade 3 and you fly on ES in an area with active ATC it will be quite sure that the people aren’t doing anything wrong but otherwise there is no one to control it.

If you’re talking about TCAS, you can vote for it here:

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. @mwe2187 ‘s post explains it very well as most of the people on casual who don’t act professionally are grade 3+ who want to goof around a bit.

Don’t try and hunt for realism on casual server. You’re not going to get it. If I was flying on casual I would have done the same as the citation X. You’re not meant to act professionally on casual server, so my advice to you is to not act professionally either. If you want to get to grade two quickly, do something like going in a TBM and landing on the parallel runways at EGLL to rack up landings and XP. If you go around every time someone enters the runway while you’re on final, it will take forever to get to grade 2. Work up to grade 2, then you can fly sensibly and then work up to expert server

Would like to point out that you’re free to act professionally on any server. Casual just means that you’re not required to.

Cyrus, if you’d like to get to grade 3 quickly, you can do what Tim suggested. If you prefer to fly professionally and climb the ladder that way, that’s perfectly fine (and I, as well as many others, would respect you more for it). It’s all up to you, but just be cautioned that expert behavior is not something you should expect on casual. :)

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Sorry I guess

MaxSez: There’s a fix to these shenanigans, re-instate the
“Report User” function on the Trainer & Expert Server with the 3 simultaneous report peer functions! It may get abused but it also may curtail the habitual or recalcitrant abuser.

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really like that statement :) see you hopefully soon on the Expert Server


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