What’s the point of this airport?

I’d like to know why EW9 is in IF. The runway (it isn’t really a runway) is so short it’s impossible to land or takeoff there. I honestly don’t understand what’s the point of having this airport in the game.

Yes, this is the airport

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Personally, this looks like my kind of airport.

It’s probably just a glitch. I’m pretty sure it can easily be fixed by IFAET.

It’s a heliport in real life.

It’s probably a real airport. Just unedited. It doesn’t hurt you playing the game so why is it a huge deal

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Oh, okay. Then, they added it because… they wanted it to be added.

No, it’s not.


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I know but it’s not like if Monaco heliport was in IF…

Well the airport is correct looking at the dimensions. Read before you post about things

Do planes fly to this airport in real life?

The Good Year blimp airport is in IF. I fly out of there sometimes.

If you don’t want to fly there, just don’t fly there 🤷‍♂️

I mean, easy as that is all it is.

This is real life. It’s clearly a heliport.

Okay, and? What’s wrong with it being in game?


Nothing wrong with it but it’s just useless since it’s impossible to fly there.

If it really bothers you contact staff but nothing should be done since nothing is really wrong here

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I thought you wanted to be really realistic. This airport may not be used in IF but it’s there for realism


I do agree with you on that but the only way to technically takeoff is if you go in solo and set a super strong tailwind in an XCUB. Then you’ll get off the ground.

What country is this in?

It’s in Alberta, Canada

Why are you complaining

Seriously just ignore it

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We don’t add heliports for the time being and someone has already requested it to be removed in our slack workspace.