What’s the next ATC rank?

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Can you help me when you really level up in ATC? I currently have 543 operations as controller.


What are you asking for?

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The next rank, so to speak, is joining IFATC. Once in IFATC there are four ranks to progress through which allow you to control different frequencies. Now that you have 500 operations you are eligible to apply for IFATC. If you would like to join check out this post, Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting. If you feel as though you need some training first, which is recommended, check out the training team here, ATC Training Team, to request some training prior to applying!

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Thanks to that, I was going to follow your advice

Thank you sincerely

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To add on to the above,
The ranks go
Observer- TS
Apprentice- ES - Charlie’s only, tower and ground
Specialist- ES - Bravo, Charlie etc, tower and ground
Officer- ES - Approach-Dep
Supervisor- ES- can controll all frequencies at the same time


Just in addition to your point about Supervisor, they don’t tend to control all frequencies simultaneously - T G A etc as it can degrade the quality of controlling. Unless in exceptional circumstances.


They are perfectly entitled to whenever they wish, they just tend to do it only when it is quiet.


Ok…I understand

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