What’s the most special plane that you’ve been on?

As the titile suggest, tell us the most special plane that you’ve been on. (Ex.Plane that involved in an accident, Plane that’s first delivered to the airline)

For me i’ve been on board a Boeing 777-200 Registered B-HNL. Which is both the oldest B777 and the Prototype of the B777 And i’ve flown with a Boeing 737-900ER Registered PK-LBO which is involved in a runway overran accodent in 6 november 2015. I’ve also flown with PK-GTA which is the first A320NEO to be delivered to citilink and probably the first indonesian owned A320NEO…

If its a duplicate feel free to close, i’ve searched for similar topics and i havent found similar topics…

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I’m not sure if this can be considered as special ones, but here are some of mine

  • 9V-SMB - The first SIA A350-900 to be deployed outside crew training flights
  • 9V-SYL - The only Singapore Airlines 777-300 with white Star Alliance livery

The most similar topic was about special liveries…

Ok dude, no worries. I’m positive I commented on one a while a go though haha

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Actually there are 2 planes with white star alliance livery…
9V-SWJ is also painted in the white SA livery… which is in my opinion one of the ugliest liveries i’ve seen in an airplane…



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Have you been to a special plane?

I have indeed, I have been on the CV22 Osprey which deposited Bin Laden to his final resting place.


Well, the most special one for me came the last summer, during a Dubai roundtrip… an Emirates A380, the world largest passenger airplane.
Plus, it was equipped with a brand new Emirates economy class!

Such an amazing aircraft.


Don’t you dare to say that in front of that beauty, especially with Singapore Airlines livery =P

Jokes aside, in my opinion, it’s one of the awesome liveries out there. I prefer the one with the black tail more, but it’s already beautiful to me


Its number 2 anyway :) anyway i’ve been onboard PK-LOF which is the 100th 737 that received by lion air, the plane was special but the livery is ugly… Its as ugly as that White SQ livery… :)

In 2009, I took one of the last MD-11 flights on KLM from Amsterdam to Delhi. I don’t remember the registration or much about the flight, but I remembered that we got an entire row to ourselves and we’re able to lie down lol. On the way back from Delhi to Amsterdam, I took the 747-400

In 2012, I took the Air France A380 from New York to Paris in La Premiere class. It was one of the best flying experiences I’ve ever had.

Somewhere around 2009-2011 I took one of the last Northwest Airlines 757 flights


In 2016-2017, I took the Alitalia A330-200 from Boston to Rome in Business class, which could be one of the last Alitalia flights if they actually die out.


This year, I took the Delta 767-400 in SkyTeam livery from Barcelona to New York, and it is a pretty special aircraft because it is a relatively rare livery.


SIA has 3 aircrafts with white Star Alliance livery, these birds are

  • 9V-SYL (773)
  • 9V-SWI (77W)
  • 9V-SWJ (77W)

9V-SYL is a common visitor to Jakarta, serving Singapore Airlines’ trunk routes. Lion Air liveries aren’t and won’t ever be good lol


Alitalia is still operating today right?
That MD11 And 744… i Will gonna regret not taking both of them…


The A350-900!!! <3


Yeah- somehow Alitalia is still alive- I don’t know how they’re still running

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For me it was a 1hr roundtrip through western Switzerland onboard of the SCFA L-1049 Super Constellation. I will never forget this flight, especially the like 5ft long flames coming out of the engines during takeoff.


Time ago, I flew on one of SkyWest’s EMB 120 Brasilla. They’re not using them anymore.

Singapore’s A380 and Qantas’ Mendoowojionori 737-800


The second plane I’ve ever been on in my life. JFK-TPA.