What’s the most realistic 777 livery in the game right now?

My opinion.

  1. British Airways 777-300er
  2. United 777-200
  3. Cathay Pacific 777-300er new.
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I love the air New Zealand livery. I saw it in person at KSFO

I’m sorry, realest?

Could you elaborate?


I think what he means is what is the most realistic livery on the 777 family.

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Not the BA 77W because it doesn’t have the GE logo on the engine

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All of them, because, you know, they all exist IRL?


What? All the 777 liveries exist in IF and IRL. They are all just as realest.

By saying realistic, are you noticing any livery mistakes on the 777? All liveries are realistic as mentioned by @Altaria55 as they exist in real life. Unless you mean something else. 👍

He means which livery on the 777 family are more graphically designed or the best in general I believe.

The one that makes the plane look the most life like or realistic.

Probably the American Airlines.

Yeah. They all do. Because they’re all real.

Here’s your answer. “They’re all real.”