What’s the most difficult thing you you’ve had to face as a student pilot?

Being a student pilot isn’t easy, we all know that. Through this journey people hage had to gace many problems which they have had to face. Some of these problems occurred when you began to fly or nesting the near the completion of the license. In this topic I desire to know what problems you had or currently have as a pilot and how you dealt with them. Wether it a financial problem, not understanding manouvers, a bad instructor/plane, or just plain old bad luck.

I am pretty new to this whole flight school thing as I only have 7 hours of flight time. One thing that I have never been able to perfectly do is turns around a point. It’s always been a hard thing for me to do for some odd reason.
Now I’d like to know what you guys think has been the most difficult thing to do as a student pilot!

The ground exams ;)

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1)New airplane
2)New instructor
3) a hellish long Private pilot checkride (5hours)

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radio calls.

I always find a way to mess it up. If you’ve followed my recent posts I’m “friends” with a girl at my school who also goes to my flight school. While I’m not romantically interested in her, (her cockiness of having 2 more hours than me has resulted in us never talking and a major put-off) I get nervous around her. I looked at the roster for that day and saw she was flying with another instructor, so when my instructor and I were inbound for another airport I met her on frequency. She was surprised to hear me, but her cockiness soon resumed after I proceeded to jumble every single word in the radio call so hard it sounded as if I was speaking Chinese. Very embarrassing.


Not being confidence, I had a hard time at that, I kept telling myself if the instructor trust me with their 180K dollar machine I can do it.

OOF…sounds intimidating 😬

Having a new instructor was actually nice not that hard since my new instructor isn’t kind of like my old one. Some people aren’t not so lucky though.

Hadn’t had a nice laugh in a while 😂 I actually spoke on the frequency for the first time on Muño last flight. I got a but nervous and messed up on number but tower understood what I said. I’d recommend reciting what I’m going to say but before hand.

That actually happened to me on my first days of flying, I was super nervous lol

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Lol I was pretty nervous but my confidence built up to trust myself

That was including the oral right? If so that was shorter than mine, I spent close to 4 hours with the oral and another 2.5 flying.


Yeah all of it. Seemed liked it was 8 hours tbh

Learning the air spaces for me because when I fly there are a lot of rules with the SFRA and BWI approach path and what ALT I can fly at etc.


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