What’s the most detailed plane in Infinite Flight?

So what do you guys think is the most detailed plane in IF ? For me it’s the 737!

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The A-10 has an animated cockpit and a new model so that definitely beats the 737.


It’s gotta be the A-10 for me!


If you mean the most realistic, of the commercial aircraft, the CRJ family is the most detailed


The most detailed plane for me in Infinite Flight is the CRJ Series. The cockpit is amazing and the level of detail is truly stunning! Certainly 1000x better than the CRJ-200 before the rework…😜


Well after have flown the 777-300ER for what, like more than 2000 hours combined, I think it is the most detailed aircraft to date. Surely the newly reworked / touched upon aircraft’s like, the A320-family, 737-family, CRJ-family and the A-10 are freshly reworked and detailed to the core, but for me, I have to say the 777-300ER is a very highly detailed aircraft, for actually being a few years old. The same goes for the other 777’s too but the 300ER in specific since I’ve had the time to really enjoy this beauty :)

A rework on this would put it high in the list of detailed aircraft, alongside today’s A-10, A320 and etc… ;)


The cabin Defintiley beats everyplane in IF I agree and doors

I like using it during long hauls I wish they had cabins lol it might never happen but 🤷‍♂️

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That’s the only bummer so far. But for the rest, It’s beautifully made aircraft and for its time, when the CAD model was made and implemented into IF, it is a very detailed and well done aircraft that still performs very well even today, especially for those massive Long Hauls :)

I don’t think it’s a matter of opinion. Factually, the A-10 is the most detailed, followed by the CRJ series, then the DC-10/MD-11


Also the back is kinda weird like tousled what I’m talking about

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Military: A-10
Commercial: 737/A320 family
GA: TBM 930
Regional: CRJ series

You think, hmm? I’ve actually not thought about it. I think the A330/A340 back is worse, since they’re older models… but the 777 works fine and looks great imo… :/

Well… I think otherwise 😜

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I don’t see how the 737 can be described as a detailed aircraft - the cockpit is horrific inside. I personally would agree that either the A-10 or TBM are the most detailed (I never fly them though). My personal favourite is the 787 as i find (unlike the CRJ) it has very little lag yet is highly detailed.

No like I forgot what they were called I think they are the thrusters there’s an almost 3rd ilengine in the back sorry I don’t know what it’s called but the hole in the back it’s not like fully whole there’s only one hole at the like the left back of the 777

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I understand. I’m currently flying the 777-300ER, and I can that part. The hole in the left back of the 777 is the APU, and is correctly paced and should be there. Nothing wrong with that one, except that in today’s CAD model it is flat and not really a hole that goes in like tube, as it does IRL :)

Many 777’s have the APU like that, while some has it center in the middle of the back and not to any of the sides, but most ones that I know and seen, has the APU to the side as one hole and does not cover both sides, only the left side. So the detail is on par with real life and further proves the it is a very detailed aircraft for its time of making in IF.

Here’s a Real Life, Ethiopian Cargo 777 with the APU to the side, like the one in IF:




I think the Dash 8 is way more detailed than the CRJ and its cockpit. The most detailed aircraft in IF would be the Dash 8 for me. The cockpit is incredible

I still believe that the series of the CRJ and the A-10, are the most detailed. by sierto, to me personally I really like the CRJ

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Ah ok I c thanks for explaining it! I thought there was suppose to be another one on the other side you know like the a320s back it’s a hole fully

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How about the c130 the led lights shine like the sun at night