What’s the matter with aviation meme topics?

What’s the matter with making aviation meme topics? We aren’t allowed to have fun or what?


They were closed because of immaturity.


too much controversy and immature people on there I believe

In the past, they have became chaos and somewhat inappropriate.

If we tell people to respect the rules of the community and we flag the inappropriate posts, then it should be fine.

Tell that to the mods🤷🏾


But, the thing is, not everyone follows the rules :)

I mean, if we did the same with expert server, it would be the best thing ever, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

It’s easy to say that, but I mean look at the 777 Rework thread, it could become a mess real quick


That’s what flagging is for.

Yeah, but when every single message gets flagged the mods sort of get tired of modding

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When there are too many flags, it automatically closes the thread. Also, I’m not sure if that is something the mods want, since they get a notification for every flag…

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Totally agreed


As @PilotPatrick said, because of this we can’t have fun. Like there is nothing wrong about making jokes.

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I would love to have the meme thread back! (It was my favorite)


I agree with you, and I don’t know why we cannot have humour on here.

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Surely you can have fun, there are threads like these:

As for making jokes, keep in mind the wide range of age groups on this forum. What you may think as a joke may not sit well with others. It is for this reason that we must be extremely mindful on this forum. We love bonding and having fun as a community. But, the history that we’ve had with meme threads hasn’t ended well at all.

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Mods aren’t here to babysit


Well we tell people not to murder but here we are… People are going to break rules out of a lack of knowledge or immaturity, its bound to happen. I personally want to bring them back but we don’t have much of a choice in that as a simple user.

Because humor can be very offensive to another. Sure, a joke is fine.
But there are people here that just keep offending people with memes.

And we don’t want that as it can make the person feel sad

I agree, but think of it from a professional standpoint. What if someone who looks at the blog post comes to the community and sees that?