What’s the hardest long haul flight you’ve experienced?

Los Angeles to Sydney, very strong crosswinds made it hard to land.

I suppose in theory you could have done the the entire flight with one other KC-10 in company and when one of you reaches 50% then you can top off from the other? However thats even more complications in communications. One of the challenges to make it a hard and intresting flight!

Ive done that more than once lol.

Atlanta to Johannesburg and my TV didn’t work, no internet and I had horrible acid reflux on the pre arrival meal.

Cape Town to Sydney in a 787-9. Diverted to Perth due to lack of planning by me and landed with 0kg of fuel to spare (I glided it in for 100m)…


KSFO to HECA. When I tried to land in HECA the runway hadn’t loaded properly and I went right through it:-/

OTHH - KLAX. Idk why, it seems like it should be a normal, easy flight but ever time I’ve attempted it, something has gone wrong and I end up crashing.

Just flew YBBN - CYVR while I was sleeping. Woke up and it turns out that I overflow Vancouver by 400nm. Good thing that the B789 could carry plenty holding fuel.

13 hours and 36 min ATL-ICN

KORD-EGLL as the wind was around 45 knots 2,000 feet above the airport at EGLL and settled to 12 knots at the airport. I was going to abort and try a different approach or go somewhere else if it didn’t get below 20 knots. Thankfully it did and I had a smooth touchdown but seeing that 45 knots at that altitude made me nervous. This was my hardest approach in IF.

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London to Chicago…
Crossing the ocean with almost 200knots headwind!!! in the end to another airport as not enough fuel

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VHHH to KLAX very long flight but the scenery was outstanding!

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And yet a member of three VA’s just 10hrs after joining? Impressive!



Master seb at his finest!


It was Perth-Bangkok flight in my experience, with @Kyle.Plane . My NAV missed the waypoints around Singapore so I was circling and making a pretty weird pattern above Singapore until I woke up from my nap. I decided to divert to Singapore because of that unfortunately


Oh boy EGLL-KLAX. I got the black floor glitch around 30 minutes out and my screen started spazzing out the whole descent

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My hardest ultra long haul fligt was from New York KJKF thru Prague LKPR to Sydney YSSY


  1. Time problems
  2. Texture glitch problem on the end of the filgt.
  3. No reserve fuel on the end.
  4. Wind of 73kts. from FL430 to FL000 from 257 degree.
  5. No runway at destination.
  6. Landing using ILS with zero visibility but no RWY
  7. Crash thanks to texture problem, missing RWY, crash at -FL007

First glitch was time, I am not sure but if we have 13:17UTC this is not 12:17GMT+1.

Second problem was terrain texture on the end of the flight.

This problem was later changed to black part until end of the flight. See tail wind 73kts.

Black was around my aircraft.

From the top you can see aircraft on the black satin.

From the flight deck same problem. See tail wind 73kts

And on the end was endless calculation of my Grade.

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EDDF-SEQM 😂 crashed over the mountain when approaching

KLGA, crashed into an invisible mountain on approach to Runway 22


Real life? : although I’ve been to India, that is not the worst.
My worst long haul flight was Athens to Minneapolis with a stop in Rome and a stop in Boston. The first two legs were fine, but the flight from Boston to Minneapolis was where I became exhausted. I had already been up for 20hrs and kept dozing off on the flight.

In IF? : Los Angeles to Sydney, the flight was fine, but the turbulence when landing was so severe that I literally landed perpendicular to the runway 😂