What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far?


In IF I think once or twice. Have done it a few times in a 738 fixed based sim. Never in real life yet sadly/


oh cool, yeah i’ve only done it on IF, i think the most difficult approach i’ve landed at IRL is gibralter LXGB, thats only difficult due to the short runway and the strong winds off of the rock, also i believe the missed approach procedure is different due to the rock, not sure though. whats the most difficult you’ve flown into? (by the way this is as a passenger :) )


Try OPCH airport
Good luck


The classic DCA river visual, over shot the steep back onto final.


finally did it. calvi circular approach rwy 36. not a perfect one though had to go around once. its a very sharp inbound turn about 35° bank angle.

chk this flight geneva to calvi.


nexet one tivet. Queenstown, lukla, kodiak done.

and as seen in above post did you all managed to put down a 747 or a380 on lukla. forget that cant imagine a citation X out there. i had my nerves out landing a C208 out there. guess its solo. with direct head wind set to 100knt. then also i’ll screw it up.


ohk. i know there has already been a lot of talk about this approach. but all the IF videos i have seen is always to the opposite side of the runway. just manuevering thrugh the valley and getting too low. but the actual approach is quite different. heres one. i know its not an iF video. do apologize for it. but just for guidance for the paro actual approach used by airliner. since i couldn’t find a chart.


Is that runway 15 or 33? Can somebody make a guide for 33?


Did the Calvi approach as part of a DLVA Internal event this past week, was a great event with lots of go arounds haha. challenging approach but was really fun


I guess the scariest and hardest was Lukla but for a large aircraft it would definitely be NZWN (especially with the big B777 on a tiny runaway). Even with other airplanes that usually fly there like the A320 it can be a challenging approach due to strong winds and the hills on the approach!


TFFJ was my hardest approach due to the hill at the end of the runway.


VQPR , SBRJ , LPMA is very hard !!


just tried the approach on the 737… went pretty well… except that my turn was a little bit too open… and I had a harder landing than desirable… gonna start practicing whenever im bored


its runway 15. in real life commercial airlines only land at runway 15.


LFKC runway 33 is an extremely difficult approach


I am constantly doing the approach into Kai Tak, it’s incredibly fun. Specially on the MD-11 or DC-10.


Try Madeira, St. Catherines, and Queenstown. Be proud if/when you succeed :)))))


I’ve tried Monterey Regional in Cali and can’t get it right. The terrain throws me off. Same thing with Kai Tak.

Madeira isn’t as bad but is still tough.

Lukla will always be a hard one. And also Kathmandu.

Most approaches aren’t too hard. Once there’s terrain then it can be a little more difficult.


Isn’t it runway 36? Done that yestarday.


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