What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far?


Why don’t you post a video link !!!


I have done a lot of practice and would love to do a tutorial on it but I don’t have access to the tutorial page so we’ll have to wait for someone else to do it


I merged another topic into this one as it’s been active longer and has a longer list already. List all of your hardest approaches here. Thanks guys & gals.


These are a list that I have had trouble with

Paro. (3 go arounds)
Lukla. (4 crashes)
Kathmandu (steep approach)


Matekane Air Strip - FXME - in Lesotho. Used by charity organizations and medical people to access remote villages. Runway is ~1700 feet, at an elevation of over 7000 feet. Located in a very mountainous area.

Good luck.


My hardest approach was into MHTG at Tegucigalpa aka. (For some reason) Honduras.
So first i messed up my descent and had to do a holding pattern and after that i was too low. Then i had to do a visual for runway 02 witch was hard enough but the true reason why it was hard is because the satellite imagery was 500m and it made it hard to judge my position and altitude.
But i made it and landed smoothly.


Its like LOWI. ( Circle to land) I ll give it a try this afternoon.


May be wierd but my hardest approach was at UUEE. This was because the weather was broken and there was 90km winds during approach. Therefore it was extreemly difficult to land the plane on the runway…


When i was approaching KMIA and the windspeeds were servere so i hit the ground so hard i nearly crashed


try paro, bhutan


KJFK Parkway Visual
KLGA Expressway Viual

Wouldn’t say hardest but it’s up there in the charts.


I have landed at Kai Tak many times, but my hardest was Lukla in an A380.


Chagual Airport SPGL in Peru. Mostly because terrain isn’t finished so it’s hard to judge everything with all the mountains


i’ve never crashed on any of the difficult approaches in IF, most of the ones have already been mentioned above however, another good one is calvi st catherine rwy36 (LFKC) it is quite similar to toncontin in that you line up with the runway very late into the approach. i recommend trying it out


it’s a circle to land for 36 but very tight due to the high ground on the east, west, and south.


They’re definitely hard to judge the correct time to turn and how much bank angle.


@booster45 @ATK I’m going to have to go try that approach now. Never knew that one!


Oh yeah,that’s challenging… the most difficult is paro… runway 15…


Yep. That’s why it’s always fun to try these approaches out.


yeah i landed on 36 yesterday, it’s quite a pretty approach as well have you done it before?