What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far?


was it a nice approach?


Nice, and really cool to do, but the crosswinds were being…a female dog.


It’s a visual, no fixes.


I don’t think the weather minimums apply here 😂


If you think about it, it just says ‘Hardest Approach’. I could be landing on what would normally be the easiest runway to land on, but if the weather conditions are terrible, I’d say it’s a hard, if not the hardest, approach.


This is my landing at MHTG, it was my first attempt and it was pretty stressful! Likely, the hardest I’ve done. The landing wasn’t perfect, but I think it was pretty close. I should have brought the nose up a bit more. Check it.



Madeira Funchal, with the turn on the end, but at the same time one of my favorites :D


As above, what are your top 5? I’m curious to find ones I haven’t tried. Mine:

LIMJ runway 10
NZQN runway 05
LOWI runway 08


Kai Tak RWY 13 is well known for being hard


Kai Tak is moderately hard
it’s only hard in IF cause I can’t find the checkerboard >:(


Lukla is very hard as well


They don’t have the checker board on the mountain in the game!! ☹️


IF cannot really do justice to an actual landing there… but as much as possible l think this is still a very challenging approach to try… land a prop or Q400/DASH 8 at LFLJ/CVF on Rwy 04/22 without sliding off or slamming into the mountain !!!

It is considered one of the most dangerous landings in the world … here is a link to show how good an irl pilot you have to be…enjoy !!!


Kai Tak is quite challenging I must say😊


Does anyone know what aircraft model is in that video !!!


I would agree that Kai Tak is not one of the most challenging approaches out here. The reason it received worldwide attention back then was because it was such a busy airport compared to others with challenging approaches.


Randall! It looks like its a Pilatus PC12!


RWY 15 at VQPR is by far the hardest. Lukla is just easy and so are others compared to this one.


LFKC Runway 36 is definitely the hardest for me. I’ve had plenty of practice at all the others mentioned to make them no longer difficult, so yeah, LFKC.


Forgot that one. We need a tutorial for it, it’s very very difficult.