What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far?


LOIJ runway 13R was fun

I also enjoyed S88 and 4S6 when Global wasn’t out yet, even now that it is they are still very hard.


Biggest thing I can do at Lukla is a C-130. Make sure you share pictures of your 747 landing as well as some tips on how to land for those of us who cannot ;)


Fly below the glideslope. Then pitch up to align with the runway. Great way to shave off speed. Low and slow, that’s how it’s done


Lukla ah too easy!

(with 98kts headwind)😉


I managed to land an F22 here. Definitely not easy


Anything is possible with the right settings. Vertical landing takeoff everything!


Here’s one! Totegegie airport in the middle of the ocean 🌊


The hardest approach I’ve ever done is Madeira (LPMA)


By a very long mile, yes.
Totally agree :)


Canton Island or ICAO PCIS. 600 miles away from Fiji and extremely isolated. Was used in WW1 and 2 as a stopover for American Military aircraft. Also in the 50s for jets from Australia to the US before the 747 and stuff came around. Now closed and I think a few people might live there. Used as an emergency landing strip if needed! Also there is a book about WW1 when a B17 is going to Canton and crashes in the ocean. It was carrying a very famous man named Eddie Rickenbacker. Here is a YouTube link to a landing here in real life, no ILS or RNAV. Just visual! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVi8ylbv4Hc&app=desktop


Try 60OR runway 01 approach it is very steep and The other side would be used in reality it requires a small plane such as the c208 as it’s a small airport but you approach over a mountain and then dive down and than flare at last second it is very challenging


Toncontin was a real treat the first time I tried it. I would highly recommend it if you want a challenge.


What is the ICAO code?


MHTG. You have to follow the airport charts for the full effect.


Madeira for soft touch down, is a bit challenge for me
Also LXGB airport is kinda challenging as well


Lukla airport in Nepal.


JFK Canarsie approach


my hardest approach was LOWI so far. I don’t have any of airports in mine that have hard approaches besides LOWI . If anyone wants to pass me a airport or two ill appreciate it.


I have a new one: the LGA Expressway Visual with huge fluctuations in speed, turbulence, and a bit of crosswind.


What waypoints to start that approach?