What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far?


Saba airport in an A320. Mistakes were made…

St Marten in an overweight 747. Not because of the terrain but because I had to make an ‘emergency’ landing after takeoff due to 2 of my engines ‘dying’ and I had enough fuel to get me to Amsterdam. Almost skidded off the runway!

By Emergency Landing I mean I cut 2 of my engines to simulate a bird strike


Ummm when you don’t have approach plates it sure is…


You don’t need approach plates. You just need the ILS and the minimap.


Nah, I like to be releastic. Keeps me proficient on my instrument training.



Amazing! Where’s this?


Just check this video


So far, Kerkyra Greece. Was hilly terrain and the runway just appeared pretty much. Had to make last minute manoeuvres to land the plane!


I was on approach and I didn’t notice it until it was to late and I crashed. It was a 2 hour flight, I was pretty angry


Harrdest approach for me was definitely flying through all those mountains and then landing at Lukla.


Don’t worry, your not alone. I have done it, as well as others.


Why are you at Lukla in an A380???


KTEX is on the side of a cliff in a valley


Just for the challenge and fun of landing it haha.


I tried it and I ended up going through the wrong valley 😕 it is quite difficult!


I tried that one out after I saw Premier 1 Driver fly there on his YouTube channel. Pretty nice approach!


Santiago, it has mountains close to the airport whose peaks are close to 18,000ft.


Lukala in a 747… No competition


You sure St Bart’s 747 can’t beat that??


I would say a 20 minute flight from KEGE - KASE. The mountains made the approach really hard.