What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far?


Thanks for the video; I’ll definitely try the approach out!


LSZS - Samedan (Switzerland)

Inside of the Alps, you literally dive inside all the mountains!


Paro, Bhutan! It is very challenging but is fun as you have to rely on the topography of the mountains to get to the runway since you go off the flight plan and fly through the mountain!


I strongly recommend you to try NZQN RNAV approach


Lukla (VNLK) on an A380. I’ve done it like once in 50 attempts


Madeira, Portugal. That turn to land was tricky.


Lukla for sure
I tried to do that in a night flight with 172 its terrifying



Approaching home after a long party night


Runway 34, Nanaimo BC Canada. Can’t remember the ICAO off hand, but there’s about a mile between the runway and a mountain, making straight in approaches impossible and all other approaches very tough.


And have you good landing there? I was trying but not so good landing.


How about Madeira Airport? Runway 05 :D


This is very simple landing, I made it in live condition and real cocpit with A320 at first try and was smooth. You just need chart to know how to orient and at which height.


actually manager
A 767 as well


LFLJ in a super light ERJ-190


My toughest approach was into EDDM early this morning for 08L. Obviously not because of terrain, but poor visibility.

Have a look for your self


I did EDDF in a B747-8 with 50mph crosswinds (I was in solo so I set my wind high 😂)


Low visibility really shouldn’t make an approach tricky, especially on an A330 at a big international airport.


I stopped just short of the mountain, I’ll screen record a video for you and show it


Las vegas, the terrain right outside the airport was hard for me