What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far?


Madeira or Innsbruck, both really hard, I went around twice on both before landing perfectly. Another hard approach are the 01s at KSFO.


KASE ranks at the top


Why is it in the middle of nowhere?


Steep approach mountains on all sides near 10k feet


Madeira should be fun for adventurous pilots. Crosswinds and terrain don’t usually mix but Madeira is special.


Approach into Lukla w/ A319. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZZgfXDGEEs heres a vid


My hardest approach was SEQM (Quito)


Approach to 36 (SEQM) in IF has that weird wall that’s impossible to see from the air. I took a huge bounce off of it the first time I tried. That wall definitely doesn’t seem to be so obstructive IRL.


Ushuaia - SAWH
Strong crosswinds and high mountains around the airport


It’s not in the middle of nowhere. It’s in Cuzco.


The picture looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere


Funchal visual approach rw05


Lukla Airport in the Himalayas.


It’s because it has 500m imagery.


Circling approach into RWY 05 at Madeira


The last hard approach I did was WMBT in the Singapore region. I haven’t done anything really hard since Global came out, but I hope to change that soon.


Paro is pretty hard, i tried it the other day from the south, and crashed! It was hard enough working out which valley to fly through to locate the airport without proper topographical aids in the nav. North approach might be a lot easier.


True say my friend…


Most difficult landing I have done was a cross wind. So I had to aim towards it with an angle to where right before touchdown I had to reverse rudder to line up on the runway and burned a little rubber. And also every touchdown in my opinion should have a unique sound of the landing gear tires skidding before rotation according to the speed of the aircraft at the point of contact between the tires of the landing gear and the runway.


Paro. Both runway ends are very challenging. You wouldn’t think that an a319 is capable of doing it in real life. Only 8 pilots are qualified to do it.