What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far?

Since global released not long ago, we have pretty much every airport in the world to fly to. Most of these airports have pretty easy approaches, but some, of course, have very difficult ones. Realistic or not, share with us your hardest approach so far!

Personally for me it was an Innsbruck approach I made up yesterday. While flying from Vienna in an Asutrian q400, I entered a right downwind to the runway (forgot the exact number of the runway), and I quickly did a sharp turn as soon as I was far enough to set up the final approach. Let me tell you, it was hard! I was close to the mountains and I didn’t know whether or not I was going to crash because it was night time. Nevertheless, I landed and taxied to the gate.

I will definitely post pictures of it as soon as I finish my current flight up!

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Nothing, haven’t done any hard approaches, but if you count Lukla in an A380, maybe…


Kai Tak airport runway 13


I found Kai Tak simple
I think Paro is the hardest

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Not in an overweight A380

The approach into Cuzco, Peru (SPZO) is quite challenging. I do recommend I it, especially the visual into runway 28.


Why? I just don’t know why you would do that?

Don’t we have every airport tho?

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I was bored and couldn’t figure anywhere to fly so I tried that

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I think it’s just me, but to me KASE seems impossible…


I heard that not every single airport in the world was included; like maybe some uncontrolled, 1,000 ft dirt runways were excluded. Could be wrong, though.

Try RWY 22 at LGA
It is very interesting

WMBT in an A388- with full load of passengers

I’m assuming you mean runway 12; how does a full-passenger a380 even get over the mountain?

You don’t, I think you use the checkerboard approach

I found the approach into Kathmandu a little challenging considering there is a mountain right in the middle of it.

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Not Kai Tak lol, I was referring to WMBT.

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Runway 12,come in nearly perpendicular to the runway then follow the curve and straighten out just before you hit the runway. Timed right and you can land with plenty of room to spare

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Approach into 7L VHHH
That was the first day which global was released, global servers were wonky so the ground didnt load.

I still wanted to go in via ILS but since the graphics jittered a lot I ended my flight on go around

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Recently did the approach into Madeira, which was challenging and exhilarating. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge.

LOWI is a fun one as well. I used this YouTube video to learn it before trying and it was super helpful:


Hopefully it helps anyone looking to try the LOWI approach as well! Full disclaimer I still had to call missed approach twice before a successful third attempt even after watching the video. It’s a tough one!