What’s the hardest aircraft to land on IF?

Ya the crj is a tough one especially with crosswinds

The A380 mad

Bumpin this 747 & 717 is pretty hard

Me too, I once landed very smoothly but the next thing I know is that my plane is spinning around on the runway lol

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Crj-200 717 and sometimes not all the time is the 78X

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you meant crappy regional jet

Yessir lol

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100% the a340 and both 747

honestly crj-200 i can’t land small aircrafts but any boeing’s, airbus and Embraer i can land so smooth

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Who’s more difficult?
  • A) Boeing 717-100
  • B) CRJ-200
  • C) A380-800
  • D) 767-300

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the 717 is actually hardest buuuuuuuuuuut… i had to maintain my long standing hate for the Crappy Regional Jet (otherwise known as Satan’s Chariot). soooooo i voted that the hardest one to land is the CRJ-200

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Well I think the CRJ1000 is even worse. You can’t get decent aileron movement. The controls of that plane are so sluggish that it’s trouble to land with a 10 knot crosswind.