What’s the first commercial/military/GA flight you guys have taken?

And we share the love for Alaska Airlines today!

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Here here!


IFE back in my day was a coloring book or some GIJoe’s


I think the AI 747-400s had ifes throughout their lifetimes.

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My IFE was annoying my parents back then.


Lol good one.

To be fair, my experience on the flight side was fine. FAs took good care of us being my family’s first time on a plane.

They lost both my parents bags in London somehow (to be never found) and refused to compensate in any form. 😠


That’s not bad considering it’s air India

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I guess… Lol

Mine was latam when I was 10 months old when my dad took me for my dads side of the family to see me (I can’t remember about the age, I will have to ask my parents)

British Airways 747; Dallas to London.

I’m a lucky guy!

First airline I flew was Cathay Pacific… 14-hour flight to Hong Kong and then a 5-hour flight to Delhi!

Not rlly sure…
It was a long time ago
It was either AA DL or rlly OG delta song (for those who remember)

I will never forget my first flight because I fell in love with aviation that day! It was SQ 531-VAAH to WSSS in the Singapore airlines A333 it started out pretty bad in the airport as it was too crowded for me but when we actually got to the plane it was mind blowing I saw the engines and the pilots and a bit of the cockpit Damn I’ll never forget that day!

My first flight was from YYZ-JFK-LHR. I was 3yr at the time and I loved planes but… I got a little scared on takeoff my mom said. You will never guess the plane I was on…

The one and only British Airways Concorde.

My start with aviation was bad, my mom didn’t wanted to take the train from Bremen to Munich so we flew from north to south Germany, with Ryanshitair. We saved 20minutes of time, the flight waa from eddw to memingen (don’t know the code…)

I’m too young to remember this, however my family took a trip to Russia when I was barely two


Delta KMSY to KATL to see my mom graduate from Delta Flight Attendant Training

Air Canada, Toronto to Calgary (Don’t Remember the Aircraft)

I flew Alaska Airlines on something to somewhere. That’s the best I can do lol


I flew on a Delta Airlines 737 (don’t know what variant) to Seattle for my first ever time on an airplane. Back then, I didn’t really care about planes, so, I really don’t know a lot about the specific plane.