What’s the craziest experience you’ve had in IF?

Here you can post about the craziest experience you’ve had in IF, wether that be landing in crazy weather, or a crazy glitch. What’s that one moment in IF you remember for being just Insane? Enjoy 😁!

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Here’s a pic from mine!

My craziest experience happened in Solo mode at KLAX in a F-14.
I was taking off to try and get to 50,000 feet and do a small dive. (It’s a Fighter Jet!) Instead of getting to 50,000 ft, I got to 69,500 ft before stalling out halfway to KSFO. I started a dive, and when I reached 5,000 ft, I was so fast I couldn’t pull up. My aircraft glitched and fell to almost -300,000 ft with a speed of over 10,000mph. For some reason, I started rising up again, and when I popped out of the ground, I was spiraling and flipping around climbing with a VS of about 100,000. My HUD altimeter glitched out at 100,000 ft. But in my cockpit HUD, it continued up to 400,000 ft. The stall horn on my F-14 was beeping so much it’s the only thing I could hear in the cockpit. I turned off my engines and my plane lost altitude with a VS of -300,000 at one point, when I hit the water along the coast of Mexico, I crashed. And that’s my craziest moment in IF.

Some pics of me underground.

Some pics of me in space. (Above 264,000 ft.)

Mexico coast before I crashed.

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that was my craziest experience…


Going up to 40000ft in f16 at west coast of USA and crashed near LAX airport

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I’ve had some interesting moments, but one that stands out is when I launched myself into space and got so high my altitude on the HUD went off my screen if I remember correctly. I got so far from earth it wasn’t visible anymore. The camera glitched because I was going so high and fast that the camera was stuck inside then pilots head in the TBM. 😂😬


Mine would be about a year ago when I was taking off from Toulouse in an Air France A320, and then right after departure probably at about 700ft the aircraft literally fell out the sky and crashed. I always monitor my speed and the winds so it wasn’t a stall. To this day I feel that somehow it was my error, but I can’t find any way that it is

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Here’s mine:



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