What’s the correct % of trim


Today I want to clear my doubt of the elevator trim, just want to know below how many % of trim do you use for your takeoffs, this text it’s pretty short, but your help it’s a really big support for me

I know Skyhawks heavy-Mark Denton wrote about this topic, but in that section he covers the usages of it, and not how many we should have, so please do not repost it below, thanks!-J.D

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Hey, #support is for issues to do with Infinite Flight. Usually (+)30% trim works well for most aircraft


All this really depends on the aircraft type.

Some pretty standard aircraft here, do around 25% or 30%

We have some really great videos on the virtualBlue channel, which strives in providing the most realistic experience. Check some of those videos out at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4jAoknY_NIEtQcykRvf4Nw/featured.

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This is the kind of answers I’ve been looking for, that’s really helpful! THANK YOU

Try using it for landing, it really helps. I would also use 30 in this case although got planes like the MD11 or B737 I use 50 and 40. For takeoff I usually use under 10 as a personal preference.


Trim should be used to make it comfortable for you to maintain flight so it varies between airframes. The best trim you can look away then look back and nothing has changed.

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Thank you @jetPro I’ll see this video in ur channel

Then regularly from 25% to 50%

Also thanks for the correction about the #support mate thank you

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The videos are made by virtualBlue’s Chief Pilot @FBWFTW, haha :)

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For the 737 family I find that 20% trim is PERFECT

However, for the Crj family, I used 45-50% trim

Overall, trim is different for each aircraft and it’s kind of tricky finding the right percentage

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Yeah. Only you will know what works best but if you want to PM me whenever you fly a certain plane, I can give you the trim percentage that I use for example and you can try it out.

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Yes, you can tell me I’m doing proves with all your tips

Well haha, however if it’s not madden by you I’ll see them thanks

Yeeee, totally agree with 737 you’re right thanks also with the CRJ, and well it also depends if the N1%

Yep, you never want to take off with 100% power unless if it’s a short runway. It would just mess your trim up

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Airbus A320/321
18-25% on takeoff (weight dependent)

A320 landing 22-32% (weight dependent)
A321 landing 45-63% (weight dependent)

I find the A320 will settle in nicely at 26-28% with heavier (for our jetBlue configuration of 162 pax) landing weights (146K pounds)

The A321 for some reason I cannot figure out-USED to be roughly the same but a touch more-like 30-40% which made sense as it’s bigger with the same wing, but not by much more. After a recent update maybe the last or second to last 2018 one-the A321 now requires quite a bit more. Could’ve been the update to crosswind handling or something else. But I tried to re-replicate the ~30% and found it uncomfortable.

I’m still testing the A330 but it seems similar trim to
the A321 works.

The E190-needs 10-15% on takeoff-it flies off the runway unintentionally at anything higher, on landing I’ve had up to 68-72%

I hope this helps. It’s all in the feel and the trim is quite dependent on your Vapp being calculated properly

If you use the Vapp/Vref Charts for the A320/321 on the last two pages of the PDF below and do the additives properly, you should get consistently good landings.



Yeah, just what i said

Perfectly clear @FBWFTW thanks

You’re quite welcome. If you leave the topic open then perhaps we can make up a trim chart. Hey @dproctor you getting this ^^^^