What’s the best short haul VA?

Hi any recommendations on which VA is the best. Preferably short haul? Thanks

United has a lot of short haul destinations, especially from KIAH and KDEN.


I imagine SWVA has short flights

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I like southwest 👊🏻


Southwest Virtual has a lot of short-haul options.

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virtualBlue has some great routes simulating the exact real world operations as real world jetBlue pilots.

" Welcome aboard VirtualBlue! We are the most realistic virtual airline for Infinite Flight, simulating the operations of the real-life airline JetBlue Airways. With our extensive routes database, and our custom made website, we offer an ultra realistic flying experience for our virtual pilots. Our crew have access to a vast range of tools to build flight plans, log flights and increase their flying knowledge. VirtualBlue is the perfect airline for pilots looking to take their Infinite Flight experience to the next level. Get ready to fly the same routes and procedures that real jetBlue pilots do!"

We use SIDs, STARs, and realistic flightplans, infact we’re launching virtualBlue 2.0 really soon (sometime this week? hehe.)

More VAs here The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database - #3 by DeerCrusher


Honestly, it depends what you personally are looking for in a VA. 95% of VAs have great short haul options. However, each VA brings something unique to the table, and it’s up to you to decide if this unique thing will motivate you to apply as a pilot.


That’s very true!

@AirCanadaVirtual has some short haul flights.


I love how this is now a VA advertisement thread yet your post is the only really helpful one without biased opinions. Good job. 👏

No offense to anyone who has posted. 🙃


I don’t really think anyone is trying to be biased.

I was (and assume all others) just offering a detailed description to place all offers on the table, also a more direct answer. I also attached the VA database, which the OP should’ve looked into before posting. ;)

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@Captain_Infinite - There are many VAs to choose from. From SWVA, to DLVA, to BAVA, there are decisions to be made when looking into VAs.

Personally, I’m in DLVA and AFKLM, as well as other VOs, including but not limited to IFAE and IFATC. When I look for a group to join, I look for quality, I look for professionalism, and I look for fun. In the end, the decision on what VAs you should join are left to none but you.

I hope you have a great time within the VA community. See you around!

Attached is the VA Database, also provided by @jetPro. I reattach it because that’s really where you should look for VAs. :)