What’s the best plane graveyard in America?

Jello IFC. yes that’s intentional. Anyways, i’m looking to go to a graveyard full of planes and was wondering which is the best to do in the US.

I know there’s a few so that’s why i’m here. Maybe to also see your guys reviews of the place.

that’s all. adios amigos

Hi! There are many, but some of the best include:

Victorville CA
Mojave CA
AMARG (David Monthan) AZ

Enjoy your trip :D


Just go to KATL or in your backyard, LAX, and you’ll see a ton of planes 🤪.

In all seriousness, what about Rosewell?

Thank you :D

i could never get sick of LAX as my backyard. it’s… hmmm what’s the word.


everlasting enjoyment 😉


i think Goodyear and Marana have some of the best

and both are publicly tourable

The best plane graveyard is no plane graveyard, rather see planes in the sky.

(Probably Marana)

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not wrong about that one 😔.

thank you though :)

The ones in Arizona for sure. Marana should still have a dreamlifter or two, and of course the Davis Monthan boneyard if you can get to it. Pima Air and Space museum is right by there too if you’re looking for that type of thing.

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