What’s the Best plane for Long distance

A plane with a very long range is the A380, you can fly over 20 hours on that thing :)

The 787-8 i believe can go for around 18-20 hours. I use that for long hauls sometimes :)

787-9 is great for long haul

Any of the 787’s are super fuel efficient.

It has a shorter range than the -8 and -9 The -9 can go the farthest

You can check this page out. I find it very helpful.


After the A350 Released that would be the most fuel efficient


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The Boeing 777, 787, A350 (when it comes out) and the A380 can usually do the trick.


The 787-8 can go just above 21 hours on a full tank

Try the a 330

Definitely the 787

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77W is awesome😍

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Of course 787

The 787 for sure

I did a direct flight from EGLL-YBBN in 17.5hrs in a 767

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My other vote would be the A330-200F

I personally like narrow bodys. Depending on your flight length if its 7.5hrs or under and a320 family(318,19,20) or 737 family jet will work (737 can go for about 8hrs). If its 8-9.5 hrs the the 757 or a321 will work. If I had to recommend a Wide Body ULR plane I’d say either the a340, 777-200er or LR, 742, 767, and the 788/789. For proof that the a320 can go distance check this. Pacific Crossing in A320 (PANC-RJAA)