What’s the Best plane for Long distance

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I open this thread since i’m trying to gain a lot of xp and I need help with choosing the best airline for long distance flights. When i’m Grinding for xp I”ll start a flight at night and let it run all night. This typically get me about 5k xp. For most long distance flights I use the Boeing 747 with the hump at the frount. This gets me about 10hrs on a full load. But I feel like there’s a plane that can go longer. I was wondering what’s the best plane that would go the longest distance for a night flight.

A plane with a very long range is the A380, you can fly over 20 hours on that thing :)

The 787-8 i believe can go for around 18-20 hours. I use that for long hauls sometimes :)

787-9 is great for long haul

Any of the 787’s are super fuel efficient.

It has a shorter range than the -8 and -9 The -9 can go the farthest

You can check this page out. I find it very helpful.


After the A350 Released that would be the most fuel efficient


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The Boeing 777, 787, A350 (when it comes out) and the A380 can usually do the trick.


The 787-8 can go just above 21 hours on a full tank

Try the a 330

Definitely the 787

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77W is awesome😍

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Of course 787

The 787 for sure

I did a direct flight from EGLL-YBBN in 17.5hrs in a 767

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My other vote would be the A330-200F