What’s the best closure post you’ve seen from a mod of this community?

To be honest, I can’t choose, I’ll just let you guys start this thread off if anyone pays any attention to it

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Schyllberg Saying it’s their second account that got suspended as a “friend.”

You mean your second account? I wouldn’t call that a friend.

Or Misha’s reply to a report topic.

I was sitting right behind you as you taxied at 50 knots, swerving massively off the taxiway multiple times. Not your lucky day.


Hahaha yes I forgot about those 😂

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Still my favorite to this day.


Oh. My. Gosh. lmao

That was great… I’m so lost with that topic

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It was so short, yet so funny 😂👏👏

It’s gotta be these two

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Here’s my list!

10 - You
9 - Can’t
8 - Rank
7 - Them
6 - Because
5 - They
4 - Are
3 - All
2 - Great
1 - Basically every comment of @MishaCamp

Let’s not create not create a library of those comments though. They’re like easter eggs hidden all around the IFC. It’s fun to find them again from time to time 🐣