What’s something you wish you knew before playing Infinite Flight?

Like @Fly said, this has gotten off topic and I apologize. Next time don’t bring something like this to an off topic discussion, because you will probably get flamed again.

On topic, it’s more about the community, but how many actual pilots there are here. It’s helped me learn more about aviation more than flying itself has.

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This could be a fun and interesting topic. Let’s keep it on track for the better. :)


Aye aye
My apologies @member_of_oneworld

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your good

but let’s (both me and you) keep our chill next tjne

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It’s a happy ending all around.

Got me tearing up 🥲.


I fully agree 🗣️🐺🔥🧏🏿‍♂️

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yes, that some people can lose their cool over things that could be simply understood by both parties. this is how meaningless wars start

well I tried helping memberofoneworld, but I guess it was futile

even if i dont agree with the person, I really dont think discussing this here is correct bruh

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He gave his sentiment, and I told him why I thought his sentiment was in bad taste. Nothing wrong with that, and I also answered OP’s topic while doing so. It’s over now, let’s move on.

But in the process riled up a bunch of other people who filled the thread with useless banter as well