What’s something you wish you knew before playing Infinite Flight?

I wish I knew my girlfriend was gonna be mad at me for flying every day.

Okay but besides that… i’d say I wish I knew how addictive and entertaining the game really is. Sure it used to be basic in the beginning but it was still advanced for a Mobile flight simulator.

The team does an amazing job by keeping us entertained!


I wish I knew how nice IF pro would be back then. I would have immediately purchased it when I downloaded IF in 2019/2020

That’s a tough spot with your girlfriend. Communication is key in any relationship, so hopefully you can talk things out.

On to the game though, it sounds like it’s surprisingly addictive! Mobile flight simulators have come a long way, and it’s great that the developers keep adding features to keep things interesting. What kind of planes do you get to fly?


I first played IF in 2016. After global came, I started playing again in 2020. Also, I didn’t knew about IFATC. If I knew about it earlier I would have joined it way back.


I wished I had known about this great community earlier.

I wish I knew how good this game would be, even without pro!

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i wish i’d known that it wouldn’t be too realistic as shown and i would have to work forever just to get to a grade that is like the washington airspace everywhere and can’t even have fun without getting violated for no reason and i can not do nothing about it anymore so thanks so much atc🙄😒

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Usually violations aren’t just handed out. I believe there actually is a way to dispute a violation that has been put against you by an air traffic controller. :)


i tired, they said i was “too late to tell them” like wtfreak

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The way this reply is worded tells me everything I need to know about how fair your violation was.

On a similar note, something I wish I knew when I started playing is that IFATC is fairly lenient if you know what you’re doing. I used to be really nervous flying into ATC controlled airports because I thought the controllers were looking for every small thing to get you on. Turns out, that’s not true at all! I’ve witnessed so many horrific acts of airmanship on ES with nothing more than a PFI or even no reaction at all. IFATC really only gives out violations for blatant disregard of rules or traffic interference.


This game will make me never free to do anything


That the community will never go back to the pre-lockdown levels of greatness 😔


well there was no traffic interference. honestly, idrc anymore

This may help 🛫


You’re not too far from deleting the app! It’s quite simple too :)


That I would have liked to have measured “bad behavior” on the ES based on volume of users back then as distinct from the % of those users misbehaving. I don’t have a good basis for comparison now.


i’m suprised im getting replies to something i said. ig ill just fly on X-Plane

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Bye!! We’ll miss you! 🥲


“I’m surprised that someone replied to me on a forum that’s built around replying to people. Let me try to guilt trip people into feeling bad for me.”

Yeah, well, if you waited so long that they told you it’s too late for an appeal, then you only have yourself to blame.

I’m honestly pretty tired of this “unfair ATC” sentiment. We have appeals for a reason, if the controller made a mistake (which does happen in the moment) the replay will tell it. People behind appeals have the time to sit down and look at your flight from all angles without time pressure.

As per your own admittance:

You managed to get 5 L2s within a single week. There’s a common denominator here and it’s not the controllers. Let’s do some self reflection.


I love your knowledge Andrew.