What’s on your utility bar at the bottom?

Hey, just wanted to know what people had on their utility bar at the bottom and if anyone has recommendations of what to have there if it is useful etc.

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I personally use Airspeed / Ground Speed / Wind / Yoke / Altitude AGL / ETE / Distance - Destination

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Here’s what I do (from left to right):

Ground Speed
Distance to Destination
ETE to Destination
Fuel Remaining

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For me left to right

  • Ground Speed
  • Altitude AGL
  • Load
  • Yoke
  • Fuel remaining
  • Distance to Dest
  • ETE to Dest

I use airspeed/airspeed/airspeed/airspeed/airspeed/airspeed/airspeed.
Gotta make sure the airspeed is right man. Must be 7/7 all the time.

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