What’s on your aviation bucket list?

G’day everyone!
I have recently been putting together my aviation bucket list, and I thought I would share it here, and allow others to share their’s!
Here’s my bucket list:


Bucket list
• Get a flight sim setup
• Fly a plane
• Talk to ATC
• Fly solo
• Float rating
• Night rating
• Do a night flight over a city
• Take someone on their first flight
• Skydiving
• Fly a fighter
• Fly in a competition
• Go island hopping
• Go on a plane camping trip
• Do a flight for charity
• Multi engine rating
• Fly formation
• $100 hamburger
• Go fishing off a seaplane
• Land on skis
• Take the fam for a flying trip
• Fly to another country
• Fly in New Zealand
• Fly into a major airport
• Instrument rating
• Fly an instrument flight
• Get my own plane
• RTW in my own plane
• Fly to America
• Fly into Oshkosh
• Fly inverted
• Fly a chopper
• Fly in a warbird
• Fly a glider
• Fly in a DC3
• Build a kitplane
• Fly in Europe
• Fly around Australia
• Land on a mountain top
• Learn to fly aerobatics
• Tailwheel rating

So far I’ve crossed off the sim setup one by buying X plane 11 and a yoke (and having Infinite Flight of course), but I hope to start crossing more off soon. Feel free to post your aviation bucket list below. This can be real life or in IF. I can’t wait to see all of your bucket lists! Stay safe everyone!


Well I’m aiming for a $200 Burger so… The only thing on my list right now is becoming an Easyjet Pilot 🍊 🍊. Awesome List!
Happy Flying :D


I am already one! 😎

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Now that is a goal everyone should have.

But, I’d really just like to pursue my private pilots license/commercial pilot’s license, basically my main goal :)


Probably my top spot would be to buy a plane or build one myself!

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My ticked off bucket list

  • Air Band Radio
  • Vatsim ATC (Currently in training)
  • Pre Solo test complete
  • Spoken to ATC when flying

On my bucket list

  • Bose A20 headset
  • Buy a C208
  • RPL
  • PPL
  • CPL
  • Get Xplane
  • Work for an International Airline
  • Tail wheel endorsement
  • Endorsement for Floats
  • Get accepted into UNSW Batchelor of Aviation
  • Fly a King Air
  • Sit in a B747 cockpit
  • Get inside an Air Traffic control tower
  • Get all ratings in Aviation
  • Fly family in a plane
  • Circuit solo
  • Area Solo

What an ambitious bucket list, good luck!

  • Work my way up the license chain
  • Perform in the airshow circuit
  • Fly something with an afterburner (looking at you, Raptor 😉)
  • Become a leader in the Air Force and the aviation industry
  • Inspire the inner pilot out of others
  • Custom-build my own performance airplane
  • Get a 600mm camera lens
  • Get more advanced PC flight sims

Play Infinite Flight…

That’s about it rn while we are in lockdown…


If I had to pick one, fly a 737-800… not sure why, just like that plane

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  • Fly on a Boeing 737-200
  • Fly Emirates, Etihad and Singapore business class
  • Visit a 747 cockpit
  • Visit an ATC tower (don’t mind which)
  • Go to the Paris and Dubai Airshow

They’re my top 5


Here some.

  • Get my PPL (inc. Flying Solo, with ATC)
  • Buy any GA Aircraft
  • Work for an airline
  • Visit my dreams destinations by flying as much as possible from my home airport
  • Fly a 747 before the final one gets retired

Not huge, I know.

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by premium
fly the 737-800
fly the cute lil a318
fly in LSZS airport


Hahaha I’ll one up you for a $300 burger ;) good luck in your endeavours and just keep following your dreams no matter what!

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Hahaha I think so too! Good luck getting your pilots license :)

Nothing like the feeling of owning something, especially a plane! And the satisfaction of building your own must be crazy!

Thank you! :)

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The only thing I could fly here in Australia with an afterburner is an F18. Pathetic, I know. Good luck and happy flying!

Hahaha it’s not too bad, at least it gives us something to do. But I agree lockdown is pretty boring :/

Good old 737, that plane is one of my favourites too

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