What’s next

What’s the next Rework development? I hope it will A380…

Might be the E-Jets it has the most votes right now

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We don’t know… it could even be a space shuttle (not really). The devs will announce whenever they’re ready!

We just have to wait and see…

Nobody knows, could be the spitfire, maybe the A380 or even the 747. We’ll just have to wait and see! ;)

I’m praying it’s either a 747 or 767 rework.


You can keep up with developments on www.infiniteflight.com/blog and www.infiniteflight.com/timeline

I’m sure there’s many exciting things planned!

I’m secretly hoping for “Infinite Moon,” aka full HD imagery coverage of the moon, an Apollo 11 craft in the game, along with a 3D launching pad at Cape Kennedy and a 3D landing site at Mare Tranquilitas.


I cross my fingers for the sweet ATR-72!


I think something short haul this time round should reworked! Such as the E jets


Well i think it must be A220 or Embraer jet series… Crossing fingers for A220. (Swiss, Air Baltic…)
Also we need a 330F and 330-200(with 900 neo) OR!!! We need NEO series with MAX.

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I agree the A380 is such a amazing aircraft and the IF version is a little lacking. The Embraer Family is also very sad as well. Hoping anywhere from the smallest to the biggest aircrafts will be reworked.

747 / A380 Rework or if I’m dreaming, some new GA like the Archer, TB10 or Trainer jets such as the PC9 😁

Ejets probably

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The truth is we don’t know anything (besides the A330neo) as of now. It’s this simple. For the time being, please keep supporting the #features requests that already exist. IF will eventually release what they’re working on, pacience is key!

We will know after the A339 is ready :)

That’s how it looks now… I think u see priority… Anyways we waiting Project Metal…

The Embraers are clearly ahead, and deservedly so

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Not so far. Just wait for official votes poll from devs… and A220 clearly wins it.

I’m pretty sure @AdamCallow will be doing cartwheels if the ATR ever gets added. He might even smile for once!


I trust the IFC would make the right choice. A220 vs Embraer is a no brainer