What’s next for infinite flight?

Infinite flight has nearly the Airbus aircraft and almost all the Boeing aircraft so what is next for IF?

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I believe what’s next is the A350 777 rework and the 172 rework

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Well there’s a lot you can follow along on via Infiniteflight.com where it includes a development timeline. I suggest looking on there as it’s a great source to see what’s in progress that sometimes doesn’t make it to social media.

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U can also look at

Definitely 100% incorrect.I just want to put that out.

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I’m saying other than the A350, everyone Already Knows about the A350

Passenger variants

@IF.Oz That statement is still 100% untrue.

We have all the Boeing aircraft? What about the 727/707? Or the Airbus A300?

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My point exactly

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Your point is invalid.

How? I’m simply stating that what you said is wrong.

How? I said nearly.

Alright who’s going to tell him?

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You are all missing the MD-80

hELLo? That a McDonnell Douglas aircraft. NOT BOEING!

Still, should be next

That’s true

The community should see more future planes like A220, E2 jets etc… !

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