What’s needed for a third party app?

I am really interested in programming a third party app I have an idea for, but I can’t find the tutorial when searching for it. (I mean the thing with Infinite Flight Connect and that kind of stuff) Could somebody link me posts related to that so I can see what’s needed? Thanks in advance!


Depending on what you’re creating, an API Key would be a really good to get information off the servers about aircraft, players and airports.

^ Link to contribute to the API category


I will have a look at that! As far as I understand I wouldn’t need that as I am planning on working with the Infinite Flight Connect feature and not the Live API. (I think that’s something different)
You see I have some work to do, so I will inform myself better at first!

Check this out: Introduction | Infinite Flight


You would be surprised but turns out user guide has that as well:

There are a few frameworks available for easier communication with Connect API out there, like SwiftFlight by @ TomTheTank or infiniteFlight.js by @ KaiM. Also, you can look at LiveFlight Connect’s source code (Windows: C#, Mac: Swift/Obj-C), although if you’re looking for iOS be aware that, if I understood TomTheTank correctly, CocoaAsyncSocket, which is used for networking there, is not working on iOS

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Ah that’s what I have been looking for! I see I got a lot to do 🤯 And that’s not even the app I want to build. 😂

Wow ok thanks! I will have to get familiar with all that. Good, that I have an unlimited timeframe 😅

Happy to answer questions as they come up!

Hmm… maybe I’m forgetting something. What’s not working with this?

Also: Feel free to tag me in these types of posts :)

idk, saw you on StackOverflow saying that on IOS 14 it works sporadically/not at all.

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Gotcha. That was just a bug I hit with iOS 14 privacy permissions :) solved and CocoaAsyncSocket should work if you do things right (I wasn’t).

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