What‘s my mistake?

Hey IFC👋🏻 :) I got a question:
I was on descend to LAS ( no center, no approach, only tower) and then a few minutes before getting on final i contacted LAS Tower and told i was inbound on the ILS RWY 26L. And then LAS Tower told me to check the userguide.
Can somebody tell me my mistake?

Hey! You should only say you are inbound on the ILS when you are cleared to do so by Approach or Center. You would just say, Inbound for Landing.


If there was no approach, you have to call inbound and request the runway if you want a specific one. Don’t say that you’re inbound on the ILS/GPS/Visual if there’s no approach.

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Ahh okay thanks :)

This is exactly correct, and if you need a bit more explanation on how to communicate with ATC on expert server, here is this. :)

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Here is a helpful guide to explain what you did wrong and what to do in different situations, including the one you were in!


Don’t worry - this is a common mistake - a lot of people do it (including me)

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